Workshop on Software Engineering

We are pleased to announce the third edition of the Workshop on Software Engineering (WSE) within the Encuentro Nacional de Computación (ENC 2023). This Workshop is a forum for discussion and analysis of topics related to Software Engineering for students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and professors or professionals, as well as for researchers with experience in this discipline.

Submissions are welcome, but not limited, in the following topics:

  • Software Requirements
  • Software Design
  • Software Construction
  • Software Testing
  • Software Quality
  • Software Processes Improvement
  • Human Factors in Software Engineering
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Models and Methods
  • Software measurements and Metrics
  • Software Engineering Education

The Organizing Committee of the 2023 WSE invites you to submit full papers and works in progress for their consideration to be presented at the ENC 2023, which will be held in hybrid format, on September 11-13th, 2023 in Guanajuato, Mexico. Oral presentations will be assigned for the accepted papers.  

Accepted papers in English will be submitted to the IEEEXplore for worldwide exposure; also selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version to ReCIBE (UDG).

Article presentation program:

Tuesday september 12, 2023

Important dates:

⦁ Jul 3th, 2023: Paper submission.
⦁ Jul 17th, 2023: Paper submission.
⦁ Aug 04th, 2023: Paper submission.
⦁ Aug 18th, 2023: Acceptance Notification.
⦁ Aug 31st, 2023: Final paper submission.
⦁ Sep 12th, 2023: Article presentation.

Deadline for receipt articles: August 4th.
Notification of accepted/rejected : August 18.
Deadline for payment: August 25th.
Cost: $3,700.00 MX Discount of 15% SMCC and IEEE members.

Participation Modalities:

  • Full papers.  Finished or consolidated work (length limit 8 pages).
  • Work in progress. Ongoing works with preliminary results (length limit 4 pages).

Paper submission:

Only articles written in English will be accepted. The articles must be written using the IEEE template For the articles to be published in IEEE Xplore, it is essential to follow the guidelines of IEEE Xplore (quality and format). According to the IEEE guidelines, the use of artificial intelligence tools (such as ChatGPT) for text generation should be acknowledged in the acknowledgments section. The AI tools used for text generation should also be cited in the sections where they were used. The suggested maximum number of authors for the articles is 7. It has to be submitted in PDF format using the platform for the reviewing process.


Dra. Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón –  Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI

Dra. Mirna Ariadna Muñoz Mata –   Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas A.C.

Dr. Raúl Antonio Aguilar Vera  – Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán   

Dr. Jezreel Mejía Miranda –  Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas A.C.          

Dr. José Luis David Bonilla Carranza –  Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI

Scientific Committee

Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón – Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI

Brenda Leticia Flores Ríos – Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Carlos Alberto Fernández Fernández – Universidad Tecnológica de Morelia

César Arturo Guerra García – Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí

Gabriel Alberto García Mireles – Universidad de Sonora

Gabriela Solís Magaña – Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

Gloria Piedad Gasca Hurtado – Universidad de Medellín

Griselda Pérez Torres – Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI

Iván Antonio García Pacheco – Universidad de la Mixteca

Jesús Antonio Sánchez Tejero – Instituo Tecnológico Superior de Valladolid

Jezreel Mejía Miranda  – CIMAT, A.C.

Jorge Rafael Aguilar Cisneros – Universidad Popular Autónoma del Edo. de Puebla

Juan Pablo Ucán Pech – Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

José David Bonilla Carranza – Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI

Julio Cesar Díaz Mendoza – Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

Luis Antonio Medellín Serna – Universidad de Guadalajara, CUCEI

Maria de León Sigg – Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas

Mirna Ariadna Muñoz Mata – CIMAT A.C.

Omar Salvador Gómez – Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo

Raúl Antonio Aguilar Vera – Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

Raúl Hernán Rosero Miranda – Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo